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Pillars of Air and Light

wind quintet

(fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn)

Pillars of Air and Light is based on five paintings of trees by Dutch artist Jacoba van Heemskerck (1876-1923). 

The paintings give an impression of fluidity while seeming almost rigidly geometric, and the constraints of the lines and the intuitiveness of their implementation inspired much of the music. 

I tried to evoke these ideas of structure and play, along with the mixed sense of contemplation and exuberance I get from spending the day in a forest. 

Premiered by Chione 

Schubert Club Courtroom Concert, St. Paul MN
February 6, 2020


preview score

$40 per ensemble

score and parts

(digital license)

Note: All works on this website are sold as digital scores (PDFs). Order one set for your ensemble to print and a licensed pdf of the score and parts will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

Performed by Chione

Forest I

I. Forest I.jpg


II. Baum.jpeg


III. Bos.jpg


IV. Bomen.jpeg

Forest II

V. Forest II.jpg
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