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Small Ensemble

flute, clarinet, saxophone, viola, cello, percussion, piano

How did the Rosetta spaceprobe get to comet 67P? It sure wasn't a straight line.  


string quartet

Inspired by Grieg’s Aase’s Death and Whitacre’s A Boy and a Girl, this piece is an effort to find meaning across repetitions of the same phrase.


woodwind quintet

A five-movement piece inspired by five paintings of trees by dutch artist Jacoba van Heemskerck.


piano, viola, clarinet -or - piano, violin, cello/bari sax

This piece moves from simplicity to saturation, and the natural to the industrial.  Partially inspired by Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Murals.


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Large Ensemble

chamber orchestra

Music for a short documentary by Oanh Vu of two stories about immigrating to the US.


open instrumentation (5-20 performers)

Music for a short film by Lauren Flynn and Andy Delany.  A canon with shifting layers and colors for 5-20 performers.  Performed in the recording by 18 musicians.


wind ensemble

An expansive view of southwestern landscapes, sky, and stars.  

Grade 4


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solo bass, optional open instrumentation accomp.

This piece is written from the perspective of Old Survivor, a tree in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California. It's the only old-growth redwood left in the area after multiple rounds of logging.


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